Trained and licensed in the US (California LMFT), I have private practice offices in California and France.  During my 12 years living in Aix en Provence, I offered orientation lectures, counseling and community services to American study abroad programs and Anglophone clients in Aix and the PACA region. I work with individuals, families and groups to provide support and skill development to cope with and overcome a variety of challenges including:

• Culture shock/cultural adjustment
• Study abroad adjustment
• Anxiety and depression
• Eating disorders
• Stress management
• Relationship problems
• Communication
• Anger management
• Grief and loss
• Parenting support
• Creativity

It has been my mission as a psychotherapist to create a safe and confidential environment and to facilitate all individuals to develop greater trust, compassion, clarity and choice so that they may live with greater meaning, awareness and peace of mind.

My primary therapeutic focus is on transition as I have found, in my 25+ years of working with people, that change is often the basis of many personal and interpersonal challenges and crises. What may seem like obstacles that arise from transition are valuable opportunities for personal exploration and growth.

I have served as an innovative educator and consultant and have been active in the counseling and prevention of child and spousal physical and sexual abuse. I have led groups on parenting, mothers and daughters in healing dialogues, meditation and creativity. I have also developed stress management, wellness and yoga programs in corporate settings, including Merrill Lynch in San Francisco and the Department of Defense in Southern California. I served as a co-director of a scientific study funded by NIH (National Institute of Health) and conducted through UCSD (University of California at San Diego) exploring the effectiveness of two meditation protocols in the treatment of OCD.  I developed and served as the first director of the wellness program at IAU College in Aix en Provence (Institute for American Universities), a program for which I received the 2013 Ron Koehn Conference Grant Award for Innovative Education Abroad Programs.

In 2004, after 15 years of private practice in California, I made the leap to Aix en Provence. As a result, I understand the phenomenon and complications of “culture shock” and had to navigate the necessary cultural adjustment for myself - a transition that provided rich opportunities for personal growth as well as the strengthening and development of skills to navigate in a new world.  After 12 years in France, I shifted my base of work back to California and am now happy to call both places home.

I continue to provide consulting services to universities and organizations receiving international students and scholars for employment or study abroad experiences with a specialty in Wellness Abroad.  I currently work with clients in the US and Europe scheduling via tele-therapy sessions.  For university students abroad, tele-therapy offers the advantage of a customized appointment for support through a cultural adjustment in the new host country with an American therapist.

Sessions are available by appointment.

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